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Opportunities Available

Company providing wide range of roof and facade systems

Company focuses on flat roof systems insulations, including thermal barriers on the industrial and public buildings, family houses, balconies and platforms. Isolation complex units based on foil system (80%), and/or asphalt (bitumen) system (20%), thermal barrier for installation and reconstruction of all kinds of roofs, thermal barrier for sheating and heat insulation of facades, plumbing and roofing works, waterproof and antiradon isolations.    

Annual T/O CZK 120 mil., EBIT CZK 10 mil.            
Asking price CZK 46 mil.   

Czech Independent Consultant Firm        

Financial Consultancy in the range of insurance industry, building saving, pension funds, damage liability, mediation of debts and mortgages.                   

Annual T/O CZK 80 mil., EBIT CZK 6 mil., market share 8%, insurance stock in the high stability. Asking price CZK 200 mil.

Company providing perfect catering        

Company provides perfect catering for many companies and their employees restaurants incl. distribution with servis carts. In the area of catering services for airlines companies operating in CR it provides a high-quality catering services. Both services are provided all the day and night.   

T/0 CZK 180 mil.    
Asking price CZK 100 mil.  

Company providing the book-keeping services 

Book-keeping, International Accounting Principles, Tax advisory, salary & compensations  

Annual T/O CZK 25 mil.      
Asking price CZK 24 mil.   

Chain of clinics, Italy       

Company owns 4 private clinics plus one coordination and administration office, Italy north east area. Contract with state and private health insurance.          
Staff: 90 doctors, 60 permanent employees                      

Annual T/O EUR 15 mil., EBIT 4 mil.           
Asking price EUR 50 mil.