Image M&A is providing a wide range of advisory services for middle-market companies. Whether you are looking to acquire a new business, sell a business or restructure your current company, Image M&A with the team of experienced advisors can assist you to ensure your strategic goals are met. Our strong tax and financial competence enable us to find the most efficient solution to your business needs.


We support our clients in all stages of acquisition, from the initial definition of strategy to the successful completion of the deal. We identify and contact suitable qualified targets, then facilitate the transaction, including valuation, negotiation, due diligence and legal closing the deal.

Selling a Business

We assist the owners to establish the key priorities, provide a realistic valuation and manage the transaction from start to finish. We review the financial and legal situation of the business being sold, suggest the optimal strategy, prepare the Information Memorandum, find and contact the potential investors, then facilitate the transaction, including negotiation, assistance in due diligence and legal closing the deal.

Restructuring a Business

We offer the set of services leading to restructuring or revitalization of your business:

  • Merger of companies
  • Split of company and selling a part of business
  • Change of ownership structure
  • Management and Leverage Buy-out (MBO, LBO)
  • Motivation programs for management and employees (ESOPs)
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Strategic and financial planning